Christmas with WPI faculty

I finished my 12th term at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and was staying in Worcester for the holidays. I was working on campus during the winter break. I was about 7, 415 km (4,607 miles) away from home. It was my second Christmas in Massachusetts. Second of the seven Christmases my seat at the table was going to be empty. Long conversations on Skype seeing my family on my laptop screen was the closest I could get to celebrating the holidays.

I was by myself in the apartment. My roommates had left to be with their families. Dover Street was dark and deserted. Weather was cold and windy. It was raining. It had snowed on the 23 December 2010.

It was 5 P.M. on 26 December when my cell phone rang. My English as a Second Language (ESL) professor had arrived. She was picking me up to spend the second day of Christmas with her family. It was one of the many random acts of kindnesses I experienced during the four years I spent at WPI.

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