Published prose in Bulgarian

Hello Everyone,

Over the last four years, I’ve been writing short stories in Bulgarian. I’ve finally decided to share my work with everyone. I write about anything that catches my attention; I’d often go to the harbor, one of my favorite places in Boston, to collect my thoughts, observe the surrounding and scribble notes about what I’m seeing around me. I’d then turn these notes into stories. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go : I write on the bus; on the subway; on the train.

Most of the stories take place in NYC. I first started writing two weeks after being the best man at a friend’s wedding in New York. I was so mesmerized  by my bridesmaid that I had to express myself in some form; she was my initial inspiration and this is how I started to write. I’ve written 19 stories so far. I’ll be posting one story every Friday.

I’m happy to translate the stories to English, if anyone’s interested in reading them.

You can read the first story under Hobbies -> Prose, or by following the link.

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