16-ти октомври 2014

Колко често се случва да се замечтаем?

Да се впуснем в облаците свободно и да поемем дълбоко дъх.

Въздишка, последвана от широка усмивка.

Въздишка, знак на замечтаност и неизречени чувства.


Замечтан тръгнах аз свободно да крача.

Бялото пространство обградило ме бе отвсякъде.

Накичен с китка свежа, тичах аз през пуха мек.

Крачка след крачка, облак след облак.


Високо бе ти този ден.

Разстоянието делеше ни един от друг.

Пътят широк разпрострял се бе пред мен.

Кръстопът напред. Врата. Накъде да тръгна, за да стигна аз до теб?


16-ти октомври 2014

Тичах аз, тичах в града голям,

при теб аз да стигна.

За миг да те погледна

и да ти се усмихна


Градът голям всякаш ме бе погълнал.

Тичах аз, продължавах аз да тичам, блок след блок.

Подминавах сграда подир сграда.

Слънцето скрило се бе вече от хоризонта.


“Продължавай, тичай, тичай” — изрече ми някого тихо.

С походка ускорена и усмивка широка,

вървях аз по улиците прашни

и си шепнех, че до теб аз ще стигна.


Стоп. Спрях.  Огледах се.

Кръстовище. Сграда. Хотел. Бях стигнал.

Сърцето ми затуптя звучно.

Поех дъх аз и се затичах отново.

A journey full of thorns


It was February 11, 2008. It was freezing outside, and I had woken up early to go to the capital with my grandfather. I was a junior in high school, and he was taking me for an interview at the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission. I had applied for Fulbright’s United States Achievers Program. I mailed in the application at 5 PM on December 31st, right before the post office was about to close for the year.

I was selected as one of the 46 high school students from 18 cities and 24 schools across the country. I was one of the 22 candidates invited to the interview. I was the only representative from my high school. My mom was working in Spain at the time. My father was unemployed. I read the email one more time in the morning before I left:

Georgi Kardzhaliyski (SEPTEMVRI)
“Konstantin Velichkov” High School of Mathematics

My grandfather came to my room and asked me if I was ready to go. I looked around the room, my brother was sound asleep. I looked at my watch, gazed at my grandfather, smiled, and grabbed my bag. We were out the door. He braced the cold with me, and we left to catch the train. Little did I know that he’ll be taking me to the Fulbright Advising Center on a regular basis during the school year.

Script Writing W1: Episode One Pitch

I’ve published the pitch for episode one. I welcome comments and feedback. Here is the pitch:

The first episode takes us to the protagonist’s junior year of high school. The episode starts by showing Gogata in his surrounding environment through the eyes of his classmates: shy, stubborn, quiet. In one word: an outsider.  Yet, this boy distinguishes himself by winning competitions and scholarships on national levels. Coming from a middle-class family with no college graduates, he constantly looks for opportunities and considers applying for colleges abroad. His first thoughts are to stay close to his family and apply for schools in Europe (Denmark, The Netherlands, The UK); this changes when Gogata hears about the Fulbright Commission’s United States Achievements Program. The protagonist applies at the very last day and gets invited for an interview.

Published prose in Bulgarian

Hello Everyone,

Over the last four years, I’ve been writing short stories in Bulgarian. I’ve finally decided to share my work with everyone. I write about anything that catches my attention; I’d often go to the harbor, one of my favorite places in Boston, to collect my thoughts, observe the surrounding and scribble notes about what I’m seeing around me. I’d then turn these notes into stories. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go : I write on the bus; on the subway; on the train.

Most of the stories take place in NYC. I first started writing two weeks after being the best man at a friend’s wedding in New York. I was so mesmerized  by my bridesmaid that I had to express myself in some form; she was my initial inspiration and this is how I started to write. I’ve written 19 stories so far. I’ll be posting one story every Friday.

I’m happy to translate the stories to English, if anyone’s interested in reading them.

You can read the first story under Hobbies -> Prose, or by following the link.

Script Writing: Series Concept Posted

Today I’m releasing the concept for my series, part of the Week 1 assignments for Script Writing: Write a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series (Project-Centered Course). The goal of this course is to write a complete pilot episode for your own unique television or web series in five weeks.

The working title of the series is “Beating the Odds” (credit goes to K.M., Worcester Polytechnic Institute (#WPI) ’15). I’ll be sharing my weekly assignments every Sunday on my blog. Still developing the story in my head. You can read the concept here.

Looking to validate the idea (after all, that’s what #PM’s do). Feel free to share your feedback. Let me know if you found something that worked well and why. Or if something confused you. I’ll be posting my logline describing the essence of the series and Season One’s “mini bible” next.

Actively working on writing content for the blog and tweaking the site’s visual appearance. Would appreciate your feedback.

I’m joining the blogosphere! Long Overdue.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for checking out my blog!

I’m taking a Script Writing: Write a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series, an Coursera project-based course offered by Michigan State University. During this course, I’ll be working on conceiving a story and piece by piece building the idea into a complete script: a pilot script for a TV or Web series:

I’ll be sharing my weekly weekly assignments on my blog. I’d appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the story.

I’ll also be sharing what I’ve been learning about product management and how to break into a product role.

Lastly, I’ll be sharing my experience from working at a start-up and anything else that I find interesting, including random rants. Thanks for reading – I’m looking forward to sharing some insights!