A phone call to remember

The Registrar’s Office posted my last D-term grades in the late afternoon on 3 May 2013. Suddenly classes were over. BannerWeb confirmed that I had officially completed all of my degree requirements and had become the first college graduate in my family.

A minute later, I called Hristo, my cousin who lives in Florida, to share the good news with him. He and his wife, Pavela, have always supported me in many ways, and I cannot thank them enough. To date, they are my only family in America.

Hristo answered the phone, and we started talking:

“How many A’s did you get this semester?”
“I got straight A’s both C and D terms, Hristo. “
“You got all A’s? When’s your commencement ceremony?’
“11 May.”
“Is your family coming to the ceremony? ”
“No, they won’t be able to attend, but they will be watching the live webcast.”
“Okay, let me call you back in 5 minutes.”
5 minutes passed.
“Pavela and I are coming to your commencement. You’ll have family cheering you on.”

With Hristo and Pavela at my Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony on 11 May ’13.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Boston Rotaract End-of-Year Highlights

The Rotary year ends on June 30th.

What a great year Boston Rotaract had!

Some big highlights:

– Collaborated with our partner organizations and raised $9,295 over two years to complete a sustainable, impactful clean water international service project that brought clean water to 2,200 people in Ghana.

– Exceeded our goal of 500 community service hours!

– Organized the district’s first ever Diversity & Inclusion workshop. – Doubled our membership!

– Ran a professional development workshop.

I ran a 10K to raise money for our service project, thanks to everyone who donated! Posting an infographic with more information about the project and our impact as a club.

Also, sharing a photo of some of us at the Rotary District 7930 Installation dinner at the Danversport Yacht Club!

Boston Rotaract at the Rotary District 7930 Installation dinner!
We did it! We completed a 2-year-long international service project in partnership with Pure Home Water and brought clean water to families in Ghana! 

ABP – “Witch Hat” Music Video

A few months ago, I took part in the shooting of the Academy Blues Project‘s (ABP) debut music video. They are a multi-genre quartet based in New York City – blending electric storytelling and elements of psychedelia, power pop & classic soul into an irresistibly singular sound.

Here is а link to ABP’s “Witch Hat” music video on YouTube:

Boston Rotaract Supports Teach for Bulgaria, too!

A special shout-out to Boston Rotaract for supporting my challenge with a cause fundraising campaign for Teach for Bulgaria! Thank you!

You can join them, too, by donating to my GlobalGiving fundraiser:


21.097/128.337 km ✔️

Completed my first challenge with a cause race, 21.097/ 128.337 km ✔️ ??4 more to go! ? ?✌

Raising money for Заедно в час / Teach for Bulgaria so that every child in Bulgaria has access to quality education.

Every little bit will help me reach my goal:

Link to fundraiser: https://www.globalgiving.org/fundraisers/georgi-chicago-marathon/
Fundraiser: https://www.globalgiving.org/fundraisers/georgi-chicago-marathon/

Challenge Accepted! Running Over 120 km to Support Teach for Bulgaria

On the first Wednesday of June, runners from around the world lace up and get out, inspiring others to join the global running community. Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving. It’s also a day when runners like me share the reasons why they run.

Over the next 4 months, I’ve committed to challenge myself with a cause and will run over 120 km to raise money for Zaedno v chas / Teach For Bulgaria which places teachers in Bulgarian classrooms where they are most needed!

Every donation matters when it comes to positive change in education. You can help, too!

On Global Running Day, I logged 15 km in preparation for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and in support of this organization.

Please join me today by donating to my GlobalGiving fundraiser to provide every child in Bulgaria with equal access to quality education:

Everyone is more than welcome to support me in my charitable endeavor by donating to my GlobalGiving campaign.
Running to support Teach for Bulgaria. You can support my GlobalGiving campaign by making a donation here.
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