The Summer of 2009

It was July, the summer of 2009.  Summers in Bulgaria were always hot. This one was no exception. It was particularly hot in Pazardzhik today. Music was pouring out of open car windows. Public swimming pools had opened for business; people had switched to cold beer.

The school year was over, and the city had emptied out. There were no more long lines for döner kebabs. The cafes were less crowded. The trolleys were rumbling through the city with less human cargo. Lots of students from the nearby towns and villages came to Pazardzhik to study in the local high schools. The two most reputable schools were the math high school and the foreign language high school. These two high schools were the two “elite” schools in the city.

For all the people who had left Pazardzhik in the summer, there were two out-of-towners pouring in to temporarily take their place: Derek and William.

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