The night before I left Bulgaria

The night before I left Bulgaria, I had dinner with my family, godparents, and best friends.  The people I loved were saying goodbye to their son, brother, grandchild, godchild,  and a friend. I remember my grandmother smiling at me while we were eating the bread that she made.  It is a typical Bulgarian tradition to make this special bread when there is something to celebrate. All my grandmother wanted was to see the joy that we experienced from what she had laboriously prepared.  And the big smiles on our faces were enough for her to know that she had achieved her goal successfully.

That night was special for me and my family.  Throughout the 4 years in college, I would often go back to this evening to re-energize myself.  To inspire myself.  I sacrificed a lot to be here, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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